Who We Are


Our Founders

Champions Empowering Children was founded by people from different backgrounds with one common goal; coming together to help abused and scared children.  Men and women who know what it means to put  these kids before themselves, show up in times of need and act as a unified front to  provide comfort to them.

Do You Have What It Takes

If  you are a biker and you're looking to get involved in your community some way that combines the biker community and children this may be the place for you.  We are a place where brotherhood is upheld, drama is not allowed and the KIDS COME FIRST. 

 All of our child referrals come from local Maryland State Agencies.  We accompany our children to court, make home visits and go on approved outings.

Call the hotline at 443-648-5681 or email us at blue@championsempoweringchildren.com for more information and come see  what we are about!

Mission Statement

Champions Empowering Children is a family of bikers that provide comfort, confidence and brotherhood to children that have been abused by others.

We perform our functions with the values of Biker Brotherhood.  We carry ourselves with character, integrity, respect and truth.  We will never misrepresent ourselves to children.  We will never compromise the identities or details of our children's cases.  We will treat them and their family's with respect.

Our goal is to provide our little "brothers and sisters" with support until we are no longer needed. We will work in conjunction with recognized state and county agency's that have identified family's that may benefit from our involvement.

We will not fold. We will not run. We will not compromise our values.  We will carry ourselves in the best spirit of Biker Brotherhood or expect to be held accountable.

We are Champions Empowering Children


We are a registered 501C3 non profit organization. 

In Memory Of Ike

I am sad to share that the world turns a bit slower and a bit darker.   We lost a good one.   " IKE "  lost his mighty fight to cancer  last night. Cancer seems to be everywhere these days.  Cancer can  strike any of us at any time without warning.  That fact does not make  IKE special from anyone else.  What made IKE special is what he gave.  Although I only knew him for the better part of 2 years he was the kind  of person that was magnetic.  To know him a few moments was  to feel like you knew him a long time. He was a biker and loved riding.  He lived by The Creed.  I am proud to have called him my Brother, My  Friend, My President.  Even with all of that said, it STILL does not  come close to how special IKE was.  I met IKE when I joined a group to  help abused children.  All volunteer, extremely demanding of both time  and emotion.  This is where IKE worked his magic, and felt most  comfortable.  Right in the thick of it. Helping an abused child is, on  its own, a monumental task for many reasons.  I was privileged enough to  watch IKE work his magic many times.  To take an extremely abused child  that is completely afraid of turning the lights out or leaving her  house, or not talking, and turning that child into a confident,  empowered, victim.  Making her able to confront her abuser and stand  alone in a courtroom and testify directly to their face! This is what  made IKE special.  This takes a very very special kind of person to do  this.  I have never met another like him.  To possess strength and  confidence but yet be a big Teddy Bear.  To get the trust of a young  child who would not talk to anyone! He did it.  Sometimes it would take  hours and hours or several trips, or several hundred miles on our bikes,  back and forth.  IKE walked the walk while he talked the talk.   Committed 110% because it was always...all about the kids!
He has  left us now.  And upon leaving has left a very large hole with some very  large boots to fill.  He set a high bar for the rest of to reach. He  was a noble man, a good man! I am sad that he is gone but happy he no  longer suffers.  For what he gave back in his life he did not deserve  any suffering.  It sucks to feel so helpless against such a ravaging  entity, this thing, Cancer!  But IKE went out on his own terms, just  like I knew he would.
We will do our best to carry on.  I hope the  cards of life fall in our favor and we can continue our mission.  That  being said, all I can say is. I will miss ya Boss!